Thursday, 7 January 2016

Panasonic microwave ovens - Good food is now just a few buttons away

Most of the days, the only thoughts that keep me sane are thoughts about the food that I am going to devour as soon as I go home and slip into my most comfortable pajamas. There’s something very comforting about leisurely watching the television while slurping on a bowl of hot soup or when relishing a hot plate of fried food. Then again, on most nights, by the time I reach home, my takeaway is as cold as the chilly winds outside and vigorously thawing it does not help. These are nights when I am really thankful for appliances like my Panasonic microwave oven.

Built to be sturdy, and sleek in appearance, Panasonic microwave ovens are appliances that every modern kitchen deserves. But that’s not what makes them so popular. What makes them the functional appliances that they are is that they are technologically advanced and yet offer an ease of use that’s convenient for users. Want to get yourself one of these appliances? A brief on the types of Panasonic microwave ovens should help make this journey of yours simple:

      Grill Panasonic microwave ovens - This range of Panasonic microwave ovens has been especially designed with the needs of Indian households in mind. All microwaves in this lineup are equipped to function at an energy-efficient mode and come with about 23 L capacity, which is rather impressive for a compact kitchen appliance. The special thing about Grill Panasonic microwave ovens is also that they come equipped with as many as 51 Auto menus and about 34 Indian menus.
      Convection Panasonic microwave ovens - The Convection microwave ovens normally come with the Vapor Clean feature and a robust stainless steel cavity. If you want a kitchen appliance that allows for experimentation with cooking, you can check out the NN-CT364B microwave oven. This oven comes with 81 Auto menus and a kid’s menu, in case you have a child who takes after your interest in cooking or if she is fussy about the way her food is cooked. This oven also has a special feature called the Zero Oil Recipe function that allows you to enjoy a complete and wholesome oil-free meal. Some Convection Panasonic microwave ovens also come with accessories like the rotisserie, oven tray, Indian menu options, ceramic tray, and high/low racks.
      Inverter Panasonic microwave ovens – These ovens use special heating coils to cook food. Some of the special functions that this collection of Panasonic microwave ovens come equipped with include the double grill power feature, simultaneous cooking option, powerful steam function, drop down door design, and large area flat cavity.

To bring these appliances home in a smart and fuss-free manner, buy Panasonic microwave ovens online (or on the mobile apps of these shopping sites).

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No More Eating Cold Food - Heat It in Your Godrej Microwave Oven

It is a hot summer day and your cook is on leave again. All the restaurants that your order food from aren’t delivering to your apartment at this point in time and you are in no mood to cook. You open the fridge and find some leftover pizza and pasta from last night’s dinner. However, you know that heating it up on a gas stove is only going to leave with an unevenly heated meal that, despite being bought from one of your favorite restaurants, won’t satiate your appetite. In situations like this, and many others, you know what will come in handy? A Godrej microwave oven.

About the Brand
Godrej is a brand name that is known for its household products. The brand manufactures refrigerators, furniture, air-conditioners, security products, and other high-tech engineering products that rank it as one of the trusted brands in India.

Which Godrej microwave oven should you buy?
      If you aren’t an avid cook, and will be using your oven only for reheating food then Godrej GMX 20SA2BLM 20 L solo microwave oven is what you should be installing in your kitchen. It features 6 power levels, a defrost mode, and a timer that keeps the guesswork away.
      For preparing pizzas and kebabs and grilled starters, Godrej GME 25GP1 MKM 25 L grill microwave oven will what make it easy for you. Its mirror door looks exquisite, digital display offers ease of operation, while the stainless steel cavity ensures uniform cooking. This oven also offers 5 power levels, 201 InstaCook menus and two defrost functions - weight and jet. Its child lock feature is a boon to families with kids, while the steam clean function lets you keep the oven’s interiors clean and odour free.
      Baking cookies and brownies for your family and friends will be as easy as cooking a regular meal with Godrej GMX28CA3MKM 28 L convection microwave oven. Not only that, this oven has an express cooking feature that lets you reheat food without even setting the power and time. You’ll also get a grill rack, a teflon-coated crusty plate and a set of microwaveable utensils that will meet the basic cooking and baking needs.

These are just 3 models that cater to different modes of microwave cooking – solo microwave oven, grill, and convection. There are many other models that feature higher or lower capacities and a combination of many useful features that let to warm/cook food in a jiffy. However, if you will be using an oven as an addition to the regular gas stove, then any 20 L model would suffice all your needs. Make sure that the size you buy doesn’t look too bulky on your kitchen countertop and ruins the beautiful setup.

Buy Godrej microwave ovens online
Online shopping is the latest buzzword everywhere. Whether it is a small item such as a coffee mug, or an expensive home appliance, you’re sure to find it online. Godrej products are no exception to this trend. You can buy Godrej microwave oven online from any of the online portals. In addition, you’ll also be able to avail some amazing discounts, free/minimal charges for home delivery, and easy returns and exchanges.

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No More Cribbing with an Electrolux Microwave Oven

In today’s world finding the work-life balance is difficult. And I’m a victim of it, the umpteen number of things I have to do before leaving for work and after coming back are unimaginable and forget about cooking three meals. It just gets annoying to stir the curry over and over again and waiting for the pressure cooker to whistle is another level of annoying. So the first thing I do after reaching office is crib about how annoying it is to cook and manage everything in the kitchen and the last thing I do before leaving work is crib again. So my dear colleague got tired of listening to me crib all day, everyday and gave me a wonderful piece of advice. Wondering what it is? She just asked me to get a microwave oven. I initially thought she was being stupid. I mean how can a microwave oven reduce your work at home? All it does is reheat food. But I was wrong, she told me the number of things she cooks with her Electrolux oven and I was shocked and surprised. So I ordered for a microwave oven online. I hate shopping online, I mean the whole idea of not looking at the things you want to buy is weird. But thanks to my awkward timings, I don’t get time to go shopping so I had to end up ordering for this Electrolux microwave oven online.

I was shocked to receive this oven in a just a couple of days. And maybe I was wrong, online shopping is not that bad either. So after unpacking the oven and installing it, I wanted to try different but easy-to-make cuisines. So I went through the user manual and the recipe book and decided to bake a cake. I was sure my husband and kids would get a shock. I hate cooking, forget about baking. But this easy chocolate cake recipe was something I couldn't stop myself from trying. Actually what caught my attention was the cooking time and plus, it’s an oven and what’s the point if you don’t bake a cake in it. So that evening I baked this melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake and surprised my family. They were so happy to eat the cake and I was so happy that the cake turned out to be delicious. And that’s it, after that there has been no stopping to my cooking experiments. I tried everything from chicken tikka to mutton biryani, carrot cake and halwa in this Electrolux oven. And that was the end to my cribbing. Ever since I bought home the Electrolux oven, I started to love cooking and I can't thank my colleague enough for the wonderful advice she gave.

So if you are going through the same phase and finding it hard to manage work and home, then make sure you add an Electrolux microwave oven to your cart.

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Morphy Richards Microwave Ovens - For a Healthy and Hearty Meal Every Day

Gone are the days when women used to sit at home and do all the household work. It is not a man's world anymore. Today, women are reaching newer heights every now and then. They don't need a man to open the door for them, take them shopping, pay on a date or buy the groceries for the house. Women can do all the work themselves, making it the perfect example of equality. And one thing that is definitely not stuck to women is the activity of cooking. Thanks to easy technology the all the household work have an appliance handy to help you get done with it with the click of a single button. And a microwave oven is one such home appliance that makes cooking a unisex activity. And with a Morphy Richards microwave oven, men can do the cooking without any assistance.

A little about Morphy Richards
An Australian company, Morphy Richards ensures that you live a happy and relaxed life at home. It has become a global icon by manufacturing a host of home, kitchen and personal care appliances. The number of products in its credit includes toasters, bread makers, hair stylers, sandwich makers, digital radios and microwave ovens. Since its inception in 1936, it has made sure that it wins hearts of millions of people with its innovative and creative product range, and has surely come a long way by becoming a household name nowadays.

In order for you to make the best buying decision, here’s an overview into the world of Morphy Richards microwave ovens:

Size and capacity
Available in different capacities like 20 L. 23 L, 25 L and 30 L, Morphy Richards microwave ovens give you enough options to make a wise choice. Make sure whatever capacity you choose, it suits the cooking habits and frequency of all the members in the house.

The ovens of this brand come in various types – grill microwave ovens, convection, micro and combination of all. You can choose one depending on your purpose, and what you generally cook.

Wattage depends on the purpose of buy. For instance, if you want one for just heating, you can choose one with a low wattage. But if you want to bake and grill, go for one that has a higher wattage.

Pertaining to specific models, Morphy Richards microwave ovens are equipped with features like defrost function, sensory and overheat protection, versatile convection cooking, auto cook menus, combination cooking, multiple power levels and child lock function.

These are designed to suit both modern and traditional homes aesthetically. They are not only function, but are designed to be sleek and compact to save ample space in your kitchen.

Buying online
Now you can buy Morphy Richards microwave ovens online from various shopping portals. Choose one that meets your requirements and budget, and place an order to get it delivered to your home in no time. Add one to your kitchen and make every day a healthy day.

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Midea Microwave Ovens - Your Solution for Fast Cooking

Many people while moving to a new place have very few friends to turn to. But me and my husband were lucky. We already had quite some friends in Pune before we moved into a 2 BHK apartment there. They helped us get organised and settle down in no time. And once both of us had a daily routine set, we decided to throw a housewarming party. He took care of the invitations and I decided the menu. We had still not bought all our electric appliances, so we bought the grilled food and kebabs from a restaurant and prepared just the main dishes like szechuan rice, chilly chicken, mushroom masala and desserts at home. Welcoming our friends and offering cocktails was really fun. We started discussing about all random things and ended up taking about which home appliance to buy first. That’s when I saw a gift which they were hiding behind the sofa and brought it out at that moment. It was big and a little heavy. My husband unwrapped it. And we were silent for a few minutes, completely moved by their gesture. It was a Midea microwave oven, convection model. Something we were already planning to buy.

About Midea

Many of you might have not heard about the brand, but it has been meeting the market demands from around the world and has a global presence. Midea Group was founded in 1968 in Guangdong, China. And started manufacturing home appliances in 1980. It hasn’t looked back ever since. Today, their range of electronic products include, ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, rice cooker, dishwashers, water heater, fans, vacuum cleaners and LED lights too.

Features of Midea Microwave Ovens

Midea with its well established manufacturing units, adds various innovative technologies and features to the appliances. Such as:

Diamond Wave Pattern Design - Almost all the Midea microwave ovens have a diamond plate inside which helps in distributing the heat in a more efficient way. This reduces the cooking time and cooks the food using limited energy.

Automatic Door Opening - Microwaves do have a handle but don’t worry if you don’t see one in several Midea microwave ovens as they come with an automatic door opening feature that work with a single tap of your finger. You can see a touch button below the panel, so no pulling or dirtying the handles.

Flatbed Cooking System - Most microwaves have a plate-like bed to place the cooking bowls but not Midea. They have a flatbed cooking system as that way you can use a bigger dish than a bowl and clean the flatbed easily.

Convection - This feature has 3D hot air which distributes the heat evenly inside the oven and cooks the meat or any other food completely.

Others - Apart from these, the ovens come with auto cook menus, LCD display and easy-to-use panels.

Where to Buy?

According to my friends, the best place to buy midea microwave ovens online. Yo get more varieties to choose from, placing the order is a piece of cake. The order gets delivered to your doorstep, so less chances of physical damage by you. So get your prefered microwave oven and start cooking delicious dishes for your family.

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